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The reason why Japanese tea is so popular is that its health benefits have become known. There is information that is unique to Japanese tea in its effects and handling. Let’s know it and tell it to many people.

Catechin is effective for slimming. This is because it has the effect of breaking down fat. Occasionally there are consumers who want the benefits of detox. Detox means excreting waste products and harmful minerals that are no longer needed in the body. As a side effect of this excretion, it may lead to slimming. However, slimming effect by Japanese tea catechins has nothing to do with excretion. Catechin breaks down fat through blood vessels.
The second effect of catechins is to prevent the body from oxidizing. Since catechin itself is easily oxidized, it deprives the body’s oxidized cells of oxygen and reduces it. Catechin prevents aging-causing oxidation by this mechanism. This is why Japanese tea is effective in anti-aging.
The third effect is antiviral action. Catechin binds proteins overwhelmingly faster than the same polyphenol group. By this action, it quickly adsorbs to the infected protrusion of the virus and prevents infection.

Catechins with these threatening effects are included in all Japanese teas.

Theanine also has the only amazing effect of any food. It not only regulates the autonomic nerves, but also enhances autoimmunity. Theanine is a kind of amino acid, and it contains the most picked tea every year, and it decreases with each picking of 2nd and 3rd.
The first picked Japanese tea leaves are the most expensive, but there are good reasons.

Hojicha, roasting high-quality Japanese tea, which is rich in protein, produces a good roasted aroma called pyrazine. This substance has the effect of improving blood circulation. Roasting low-quality green tea does not produce pyrazine, but acetaldehyde, which is a foul odor. Good quality hojicha is very popular due to its effect.

Japanese tea is popular as a beverage to drink instead of coffee, such as sencha and hojicha. However, you can also mix powder with salt to make a seasoning in cooking. It is also popular as a raw material for sweets and ice cream.

In this way, you should also try Japanese tea, which is healthy and has a wide range of applications. And let’s introduce it to an acquaintance.