ZEN JIRO Hojicha – Mino Shirakawa

A rare high-class tea cultivated in the highest altitude tea plantation in Japan.
The finest tea leaves from Minoshirakawa, which is produced in small quantities, are carefully roasted to make a fragrant roasted green tea.
Enjoy the fragrant roasted green tea leaves grown in the same soil as the finest cypress producing areas.

Place of Origin
Gifu prefecture
Pesticide-free/ Gifu clean agriculture

Extraction is possible with cold water and hot water. Please take enough time for cold water extraction.
Healthy roasted green tea, which is rich in catechin, is safe for a wide range of people because it contains little caffeine.
The roasting temperature is adjusted to straight hojicha tea. When combined with milk such as latte, you can enjoy the fragrance more by extracting it thickly or roasting it a little.