ZEN JIRO Sencha – Mino Shirakawa

A rare high-class tea cultivated in Japan's highest altitude tea plantation and also known as natural gyokuro.
The finest tea leaves from Mino Shirakawa, which is produced in small quantities, are carefully tailored into sencha.
The foggy tea plantation blocks excessive sunlight and produces theanine, an umami ingredient.
The high altitude causes a temperature difference during the day, and the umami component is slowly stored in the tea leaves.
Enjoy the natural gyokuro that is only possible under miraculous terroir.

Place of Origin
Gifu prefecture
First pick / JAS Organic

It is recommended to extract with cold water of 10 ℃ or less for 15 minutes or more.
As a result, theanine, a rich umami ingredient that is the most characteristic of this sencha, is extracted most efficiently.
After extracting the tea leaves with cold water, you can heat them and enjoy the umami ingredients as they are.