From the land of ancient temples

ZEN JIRO is derived from Ozenji Temple in Kanagawa.”Zen” that enshrines the heavens and mountains and concentrates the work of the mind.

Blessing of terroir

The land of scenic beauty the Kiso Mountains. Mino- Shirakawa.
The river fog from a tributary of the Hida River covers the steep tea plantations. It has been 600 years since the Muromachi period. History of green tea leaves cultivation. The fog blocks the sunlight and creates a rich umami flavor, and the high altitude, which is twice that of other production areas, slowly stores the umami flavor in the tea leaves. The soft and glossy sprout is exactly the blessing of clean natural water. The finest tea leaves, also known as Natural Gyokuro. Please enjoy finest tea won the past ten Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Awards and in the Emperor’s Cup.


Two brands. ZENJIRO and TCHA-TCHA. ZENJIRO is one of our top brands and only crowned selected tea leaves. TCHA-TCHA is used for tea leaves and store names in pursuit of contact with a wider range of customers. ZENJIRO is registered as a trademark from Japan and TCHA-TCHA is registered as a trademark in Europe.

Time of bliss

Cold brewing method. The brewing method recommended by ZENJIRO, which is extracted with cold water. This is a way to maximize the umami taste. A faint scent spreads when warmed with the palm. Please enjoy with Bordeaux glass.