Supreme Japanese tea

From the tea plantation in the sky

Delivering to you in the world


Natural Gyokuro grown in the highest tea plantations.

800 meters above sea level.
There are tea leaves that grow at the steep tea plantations of an altitude twice that of other production areas in Japan. The tradition that has been preserved for more than 600 years nurtures natural Gyokuro.

Supreme Sencha

The highest tea plantation in Japan. The fog rising from the Hida River blocks sunlight, suppresses astringent catechins, and produces theanine, an umami ingredient. The temperature difference peculiar to the highlands slowly stores the umami in the tea leaves.
The conditions for famous tea that are common to both green tea and black tea are the same. Altitude height and fog.
Also called natural gyokuro, it is a rare tea leaf with very low production.
We will deliver the supreme best tea.

Natural matcha

Tencha is cultivated by covering the tea leaves before harvesting in order to block the excessive sunlight and create umami.
The tea leaves in the highlands of Mino Shirakawa are pristine and rich in umami.
No need to cover.

Rich in fragrance

ZEN JIRO Hojicha - Mino Shirakawa

Deep taste

The tea leaves from the finest production area bring a deep taste to roasted hojicha.
Roasted at the optimum temperature for a balance between aroma and taste.
It is a hojicha that brings out infinite possibilities whether it is straight or arranged with hojicha.