Two Cafes Found at Tama Plaza

It was raining for a while, but it cleared up for the first time in a while, so I went to Tama Plaza by bicycle. I found two cafes there.

Madalena Cafe is located in an upscale residential area. I didn’t notice it until now because it’s in a place where I entered an alley from the main street. The owner was originally in the flower business, so she must have rented out the space in front of the store to her acquaintances that day. She sold cut flowers. There was medicinal tea on the menu, so I tried to order it, but unfortunately it was sold out because it was a monthly menu and I went on the last day of March. Instead, I asked for a Honduran coffee. It is a cafe with about 8 seats run by the owner and two people, but it is quiet and the atmosphere is very good, I like it.

Next, I found BlueDOOR Coffee in the shopping street of Tama Plaza. I thought I had heard the name somewhere, but I remembered that there is a small roasted coffee stand in Jike Furusato Village. It’s the second store there. They mainly sell home-roasted coffee beans, but there are benches next to the sales space where you can drink take-out drinks. This time I ordered a matcha latte. The owner is a young man whose father used to run a roastery in Jike Furusato Village. So he opened his own roastery in the same area. There was an original blend here that was a little different, so I bought it.

The cafe I found on this day is also uploaded to YouTube.
“Sakura, and Found Two Nice Cafes in Yokohama!”

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