Seasonal tea information: the time of “Rikka 立夏”

There are 5 changes of the seasons a year in old habits of Japan. Jinjitsu (January 7th), Joushi (March 3rd), Tango (May 5th), Tanabata (July 7th), Chouyou (September 9th). These are date of the repdigit (but it’s different only in January. Jinjitsu is a festival of Nanakusa-gayu). Tango no Sekku has a custom of taking a bath with soaking in iris hot water, but irises are medicinal herbs. It has a relaxing effect and promotes blood circulation. Also, since the shape of the leaves of the irises resembles a sword, it has been a celebration to pray for the growth of boys since the Kamakura period, reminiscent of samurai. The reason why Omodaka (sagittaria trifolia) was used in the family crest is that the leaves resemble the shape of an arrowhead, so there is also an alias for “Kachi-ikusa-gusa (the grass which can win a war)”, which is similar to the reason why it was used.

From the beginning of summer, the work of the heart becomes active, and palpitation is likely to occur. But it’s an active season, so let’s move our body. When palpitations occur, the body needs to be moisturized. Tomatoes are a good ingredient for the summer. It cleans the blood and has a cooling effect, so I think it is good for people with high blood pressure and those with high blood pressure. In oriental medicine, it is said that when the heat inside the body reaches the blood, it causes nosebleeds, acne, hot spots, and constipation. The word cool blood relieves the blood fever.

As ZENJIRO of Japanese tea, I would like to recommend it with a menu that combines tomato and Japanese tea by force, but I will stop it. “It’s not very delicious.” It’s better to keep them separate.

From the beginning of summer, tea picking, and new tea will be in production. Japanese tea is the most seasonal season. ZENJIRO will carry out a sale campaign during this period. From Mother’s Day (May 9th) to Father’s Day (June 20th), there is a “Parents’ Tea Promotion Sale (PTPS)“. Don’t miss the valuable information ♪


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