The perfect sweets for green tea time

Nov 24, 2019

Do you know Azuki red beans? Azuki is an essential ingredient in Japanese sweets. In addition, it brings the best harmony with green tea and matcha drink.

Over 80% of the Azuki red beans are grown in Hokkaido area of Japan , but it is cultivated in a wide range of areas in Japan. Azuki beans are also found in the remains of the Jomon period 10,000 years ago.

Testimony of artisans

If there were no red beans, no delicate Japanese sweets were born.
It is characterized by its soft skin and fruit and no taste. Most of them are used as ingredients for rice cakes and confectionery, and Anko (boiled adzuki bean) as well as Japanese sweets.

Best harmony with Japanese green tea

Here are some typical Japanese sweets that harmonize with Japanese tea. Dorayaki, Taiyaki, and Imagawa Yaki are recommended as general Japanese sweets. These differences are the difference in the pound cake that wraps Anko paste (boiled Azuki) . Dorayaki is simply sandwiched in two disk-shaped pound cakes, and Taiyaki is enclosed in a fish shape. Imagawa Yaki is similar to Dorayaki but is enclosed. Serving with fresh cream is also superb. The harmony of Anko and fresh cream that everyone loves are representative of modern Japanese sweets.

Japanese confectionery craftsmen who have mastered craftsmanship are aiming for more artistic Japanese confectionery. Variations in the material of the wraping surface , color, and transparency are like small gems.

Green tea goes well with sweets and not only enjoys relaxing time, but also refreshes your mouth and doesn’t bother meeting with people.

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