Seasonal tea information: the time of “Kokuu 穀雨”

The cherry blossom front is moving north to Tohoku and Hokkaido, but here in Kanagawa, dogwood flowers are about to end.

The days when the maximum temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius continue. In the 24th solar term, it is the time ofKokuu 穀雨. It means that it will rain to moisturize and grow grains. Mobile highs and extratropical cyclones alternate from the west. Extratropical cyclones are often accompanied by cold and warm fronts, which cause cold or hot. From Seimei清明 in early April to Kokuu穀雨 in late April, the lawn, flowers and vegetation suddenly come to life. This is because rainwater has soaked into the dry and cold ground.

This is the same principle as cold brewing of Sencha tea. Nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium in the soil dissolve in water and are easily absorbed from the roots. When root movement becomes active, soluble components that are insoluble in water but soluble in root acid from the roots are also absorbed. 20-30% of tea ingredients are water-soluble. Theanine, catechin, vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals.

From Children’s Day on May 5th of Golden Week, the season shifts to the Rikka立夏, but at the end of the Kokuu穀雨, there is 88 nights八十八夜 on May 1st before the Rikka立夏, and tea picking begins. It is the 88th day counting from the Risshun立春.

I picked it for the first time today with a tea plant for observing the garden. Only one by one-core-two-leaves method.

When it gets warm, you’ll want to drink a cold drink, but be patient. If you drink something colder than your body temperature, the surface of your body will glow. Burning leads to inflammation and exacerbates skin diseases such as atopy and allergies. When the temperature rises, cold drinks are okay to lower the body temperature, but it’s time to put up with it. (Garden Cafe TCHA-TCHA has not prepared ice yet).

In addition to the previous chamomile, honey is recommended for drinking sencha at this time. Honey sencha. It strengthens the lungs and stomach and improves bowel movements. It is also perfect for those who tend to get tired or have dry skin. If you like, you can add ginger to make ginger honey sencha, or add plums to honey.


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